Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yup, I'm actually excited for Snore-noma. Why, you ask? How can I be excited for another damn road course where it's tough to pass and the pole-sitter is going to win? How can another Mid-Ohio-style processional event get me excited?

Because I'm a fan, and as a fan, it's an elusive pleasure to watch greatness come into its own. Two years ago, Scott Dixon was going to win the Championship in a runaway, but then Helio caught fire at Sonoma (shortly after his car did while be trucked to the race), and the fight was on. Last year, Dario was a worthy champion, but again the fight went to the finale.

Don't misunderstand me; nine times out of ten, I'll take the thrilling battle that comes down to the final race (or even the final lap). But every now and then, it's a real pleasure to watch a truly great driver assert himself. This weekend, Dario pretty much needs to win, and he might. If he does, he and Will Power will go back to the ovals with a real fight ahead of them - a fight in which Dario will have a real advantage. If Power wins at Sonoma, though, he'll be all but unassailable in the points standings, and will have four races in which to put the final cherry on his championship sundae - a win on an oval.

I'm not trying to say he's AJ Foyt, or Mario Andretti, or even Little Al or Michael Andretti. But Will Power is a damn good race car driver, and he's driving for a team that wins not just because of budget but because they simply refuse to let anyone else be better prepared. He SHOULD be kicking the field's ass.

So this weekend, I'll be in the minority among IndyCar fans. I'll be rooting for Power the seize his moment with both hands, and make four oval races the world's longest victory lap. I'll be rooting for the chance to see greatness.

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